hi, I’m Amaris

the co-founder and designer of Be:)

once upon a time, my brother and i started a business in the basement of our parents' house. we had big dreams and a small budget, but we were determined to make it work. we spent countless hours working away, fuelled by caffeine and sibling rivalry, and slowly but surely, our business started to take shape.

unfortunately, as time passed, my brother and i realized that we had different ideas about where the business should go. we parted ways, and while it was a difficult decision, it ultimately led me down a path of self-discovery and growth.

i took the reins and decided to completely rebrand the business. it wasn't easy, but i was determined to create something that was truly mine.

when i decided to rebrand Be:), i knew i had to go all out. so, i did what any sane person would do - designed my own typeface. as i was knee-deep in designing, i realized i had no idea what i was doing. but, like a true visionary, i kept at it, and eventually came up with something that resembled letters. 

after two long years of questioning my sanity, burning the midnight oil, and going through more Kleenex than i care to admit, i successfully rebranded Be:) into everything i wanted it to be (no pun intended).

here at Be:), we encourage people to be as they are whether that is happy, nice, cool, sad, hungover, pissed off or whatever the hell you feel. 

we capture authentic perspectives of people being people with our apparel.

because authenticity lives here.